Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!!!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!!!

Having worked in the industry for a little over 18 years, coffee is and always has been my go too! The odd 'cuppa tea' is always thrown in for good measure, minus the cup and saucer, personally.

My love for coffee found it's way into our chocolate, and naturally progressed into working alongside one of the market leaders, what better business to support other than a local legend!

Not only is the coffee fantastic, but the ethos aligns perfectly with ours and is second to none! Supporting the coffee farmers is at the heart of what they do!

Coffee lover? Whether its bean to cup, or you enjoy a French press to start your day, we and they have it all.

Take a sip of that blacken, but perfectly roasted heaven, and thank them (and us) later!

If you're ever in the area, pop by, say hi and I'll pour you a cup whilst we talk about everything chocolate and coffee!

Until then



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