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The perfect blend of caramelised bourbon, spicy rye whiskey, aromatic bitters, demerara sugar and a hint of orange peel give a smooth, yet strong drink that is perfect to relax over in the evening.

Tasting notes



The Old Fashioned was the immaculate conception of mixology, invented when a bartender combined whiskey, bitters, and sugar for the first time, and called it a ‘cocktail.’ American pilgrims brought with them from Ireland their knowledge of distillation, but wheat didn’t grow as well as rye in the new world, so American rye whiskey was born.

You’ll find an Old Fashioned on the menu at swanky hotel bars, or being mixed as a nightcap to finish off an evening in style. The caramel and oak flavours of the bourbon can mellow any mood, with just a hint of daring from the spicy rye and bitters.

Served over a chunk of ice, this is the perfect way to enjoy some me-time, getting comfortable and putting on your favourite record, movie or podcast. Picture yourself sitting in an old wooden rocker on the porch of a Kentucky ranch, watching the sun set over the harvest.


In chasing the perfect Old Fashioned, we tried every combination of whiskey under the sun, but eventually conceded that you couldn’t improve on classic American spirit for this cocktail. The big question remained though, Rye or Bourbon? Purists will say Rye as it is the original heritage spirit from the turn of the century, while modern drinkers tend to prefer the sweeter corn mash bill of Bourbon.

Given the key cultural role which American whiskey has played in the heartland state of Kentucky, we wanted to do homage to both the traditional pre-prohibition Rye, which boasts a spicier and drier palate, alongside post-prohibition Bourbon, a new form of American whiskey which arose from the ashes of World War Two, when the government subsidised corn crops as an incentive for farmers to get back to industry.

Using a family-run Bourbon distilled from red winter wheat, and a complex Rye distilled from one of the industries finest master distillers, we’ve finished it off with a splash of Demerara sugar and our own blend of bitters, for a truly authentic appreciation of the last century of American whiskey making, the Kentucky Winter Old Fashioned.



An Old Fashioned should always be served in a rocks tumbler, ideally the same width at the neck as the base. You want the delicious aromas of whiskey to swirl and fill your nose, while the glass fits neatly in your hand. The glass should also be wide enough to fit a large ice block. Go for some vintage, crystal patterns to add some weight to the feel in your hand.



You don't want to dilute this cocktail, as the appeal is in it's strength. Neither should you ever shake this cocktail over ice, as you will ruin the subtle layers of the drink with broken ice shards. Simply place a large ice block or sphere in the middle of your glass, and pour the liquid (well chilled) over the ice block. If you don't have any large ice, just one or two regular ice cubes will suffice as you don't want to water the cocktail down too much.



You can get a little bit exciting with this garnish. Simplicity, again, is key, so forget the cocktail cherries or any other kind of fruit. A single piece of orange peel is all you need, but here's where the fun happens. Similar to a Negroni, hold the peel between two fingers with the orange side facing the drink. Now, strike a match alight and hold it in front of the orange peel. When you squeeze the orange peel, the oil shooting through the flames will ignite, giving a fantastic flare of fire. This will also add a lovely burned orange aroma to the finished cocktail.


All products are produced in an environment that handles  nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, seeds, eggs, soy, sulphites please check each individual product listing for ingredient details or contact us sales@kakawaartisan.com


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