The Mega Dipper

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The mega dipper is the one stop dipping experience for the true chocoholic. A great addition to that special occasion or Birthday party.

200g Pot of milk chocolate for melting

200g Pot of white chocolate for melting 

100g Pot of dark chocolate for melting


A selection of 


Mini Brownie Bites


Choc Chip Cookies

Fudge Pieces

Honeycomb Chunks 

Shortbread Fingers 

Miniature Caramel Waffles



Serves 8-10

*Containers for melting are included but may vary to the above picture based on availability.

*All products are subject to availability and may vary from the picture advertised/be substituted for an alternative product.

*To maintain their freshness, it is advised that all items are consumed within 5 days of receiving your order.