A Touch Of Vanilla

A Touch Of Vanilla

A Touch Of Vanilla, well safe to say that doesn't sound like anything in my life.

I mean even the photo looks like the opening credits of a Star Wars film, right? 

"I am your Father", well technically, that bar right there was born from an idea, and created by yours truly, so I guess it rather fitting eh?

So why 'A Touch Of Vanilla' - Well why exactly, or in this case, why not!

My focus over the past months has been on strong, bold and deep flavour notes, I'd left the subtle flavours who can quite rightly hold their own in the background, not forgotten, but just waiting patiently for their time to come.

As I stood in my chocolate room, on this sweltering day of June (today), I suddenly remembered, as this distant memory came to the forefront of my mind, exactly how cooling, well until the brain freeze hit me head on, it was to slurp relentlessly on an ice cold, vanilla frappé under the heat of the blazing sun.

Before I knew it, I was rifling like a mad man through my very well stocked shelves, searching, hoping, praying that I had a vanilla pod or two. 


Tucked up behind a few other tasty little ingredients, the glisten of the clear glass vile like the sun through the clouds caught my eye, 2 dark shards just calling out to be included in my next creation.

Well, say no more, I reached out, grabbed the vessel, unscrewed the lid and laid these 2 beautifully dark pods, side by side on the chopping board. Knife in hand, I ever so carefully ran the blade from top to toe on each, and the aroma filled the air, my senses were alive as the delicious vanilla scent took control.

With the back of the knife, I gently removed 'natures caviar' and as this tiny mound of black pearls started to form, it just sat there, shinning, waiting. 

I added just a small amount to start to my little bowl of perfectly tempered chocolate, stirring gently, allowing these two beautiful flavours to mingle with one another in perfect harmony, just a little taste was required at this point, as I dipped the back of a clean spoon into this dotted, shimmering pool of delight I could almost taste it as I lifted the spoon to my mouth.

As this lukewarm liquid touched my lips, I could taste something incredible, it was like nothing I had tasted before, but it was missing something, or was it? I went back for more, yes it needed something more for certain.

In a moment, I changed from this calm and collected chocolatier, to the chef from ratatouille flying around the chocolate room as if ratatouille himself was under my hat, controlling me like a puppet master (is that why my hairs so 'stand up ish' I hear you ask yourself) , what was I searching for, what did it need!

A touch more of those beautiful black seeds, and a secret little something extra was added, stirring away, my senses fully consumed this time with this decadent, sweet aroma, I lifted the spoon to my mouth for a second taste, heaven, I was in heaven the moment it touched my lips!

This silky liquid cascaded through the air like a waterfall, disbursing as it hit the face of the mould.

Impatiently I waited for my newest creation to set, checking more than I should have but I just couldn't wait, "a watch pot never boils" I could hear myself think, off for a walk around the estate I went.

On my return, I could see the edges starting to move away from the mould, not long now, not long now.

A short while later, it was time to turn out my creations, a gentle twist of the mould, and there it was, with a sheen like sunlight bouncing off of Lake Garda, beauty and grace in its entirety.

Needless to say, I had to break off a square, that beautiful snap, clean and crisp interior just begged me to take a taste..... B-E-A-utiful, a second, third and even fourth square graced my tongue I'm not ashamed to say, and with it the most decadent, tastebud tingling, yet subtle explosion of flavour filled my mouth and intensified with every moment.


Until next time

The Kakawa Artisan Chocolatier 

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