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A punchy and aromatic Caribbean cocktail, exploding with flavours of light and dark craft rums, orange Creole shrubb and fragrant almond, finished with just a hint of lime juice.

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Today, the Mai Tai is the notoriously flamboyant icon of the cocktail world, but it hails back to the California of the 1940s. Conceived by the irascible one-legged Trader Vic, this rum cocktail’s popularity was so extraordinary that it led to a global rum shortage, right up into the 1950s.

These days the Mai Tai is a gateway to Tiki cocktail culture. A throng of craft rums evoke all the imagery of a tropical beach surrounded by palm trees and sugarcane, while the refreshingly tart lime cuts through the heat. As your senses still recover, the final assault comes from a bouquet of almond and orange, leaving your taste buds feeling like they've been hit by Iron Mike.

Served over crushed ice, this is the ultimate island escape drink to take you away somewhere exotic. You can almost hear the waves crash on the beach and the feel of warm sand between your toes. Somewhere in the distance, sounds the playful jingle of a steel drum, filling the air with Caribbean rhythm.


When you think of timeless rum cocktails, the Mai Tai always heads the list of a cocktail menu. Searching for a story to fit this iconic cocktail, naturally we headed to the realms of pirates and the Caribbean. Along our way, we discovered the very same rum which was served to all sailors in the British admiralty for over three hundred years. Our senses were already tingling.

Life at sea for a sailor was hard. Most conscripts had never left their home town and had joined up mainly to see the world, wages being poor at the time and travel being out of reach for most. Part of the pay package was a daily ration of rum, to keep “spirits” up. This was of course navy strength, so called because it needed to be high enough in alcohol content to still be flammable if spilled on gunpowder. Every day, whilst sailing beautiful, undiscovered waters such as the Caribbean, the sailor would have a short time at the dawn of each day to appreciate the beauty around him, over a shot of rum.

Starting with this wonderfully authentic navy rum, we blended in other rums from Martinique and Panama, creating a heady bouquet of flavours, all layered over tart lime, Creole shrub and sweet almond, completing the perfect moment for a hard-working sailor with our Caribbean Dawn Mai Tai.



This cocktail lets you have some fun with your presentation. Shop around for some horrendously shameless tiki glassware, bursting with totemic idols, contorted facial expressions and obscene carvings. Whether glass, bamboo or wood, the shape is less important than the fun you have with it.



A Mai Tai needs to be served over crushed ice, to really open up the flavours and make it a cool, summer sipper. As it contains citrus, you can shake it over ice first if you want a more mellow drink. If you want a punchier Mai Tai expression, ditch the crushed ice in favour of cubed, and just pour into a rocks glass over ice.



You want your garnish to evoke tropical nights and exotic beachs, so start with fresh pineaple and a cocktail cherry for that almond hit, along with a sprig of mint, slapped against your palm first. For a more adventurous garnish, try and caramelise your pineapple by starting thin and holding it over a blow torch, or for the ultimate, soak a piece of sponge cake in overproof rum (Wray and Nephew), put a piece of white chocolate on top and set fire to the cake, placing it on top of the cocktail. Beyond words.


All products are produced in an environment that handles  nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, seeds, eggs, soy, sulphites please check each individual product listing for ingredient details or contact us

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