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A crisp and refreshing cocktail, our Tommy’s Margarita combines the golden flavours of aged tequila with lip smacking tangy lime, sweet agave, our own secret bitters and a hint of smokiness.

Tasting notes



The Margarita was the beautiful lovechild of cross-border trade between America and Mexico during the prohibition of the 1930s. The story goes, Carlos Herrera designed the drink for aspiring actress Marjorie King, since she was allergic to all spirits, except tequila. He mixed it with lime and triple sec, to her taste.

These days the Margarita is synonymous with poolside relaxation. The refreshingly cool lime cuts through the heat of the day, while the intoxicating tastes of tequila and agave quicken the pulse with danger and excitement.

Served ice cold, there isn’t a more perfect way to step out of your daily life and instantly be lying on the warm sands of a beach in Cabo. Feel the palm trees swaying in the breeze, as the ocean sparkles like a sea of diamonds before you.


The most important thing to us in any drink, is authenticity. With much of the tequila in Mexico heavily industrialised, we set out to find a tequila still made the old-fashioned way, by hand. After much searching, we discovered Ocho, a family-run tequila owned by the Camarena family for three generations. Not only do they make all their tequila authentically, hand-roasting the Piñas and crushing with stone wheels, but they also grew their own agave plants on their Ranchos and mix each batch from a single estate, something nearly unheard of.

Next, we had to make a decision between a classic Margarita and a Tommy’s. The classic is typically sweeter with dominant orange tones, while a Tommy’s margarita switches out the triple sec for agave syrup, complementing the tequila flavours rather than overpowering them. Each had merits, so we opted for a special place in the middle.

Finally, we wanted to really showcase the smoky flavours of Ocho reposado (aged tequila), which arise from the natural roasting process they do by hand, so we experimented with some aromatic herbal bitters that would put the finishing touches on our perfect, Single-estate Reposado Margarita.



A classic Margarita belongs in a specially shaped Margarita glass, much like a deep curved bowl with a long stem (as in photo). This allows the liquid to be sipped ice-cold and without ice getting in the way, while being able to inhale the aromas deeply. If you do not have one, you can make it Tommy's style, in a rocks tumbler.



As this is a citrus-based cocktail, it is good to shake the drink over ice first, to energise the lime juice. Once shaken for 15 seconds, strain into a Margarita glass (to remove ice particles) and drink straight up. If making Tommy's style, simply pour the shaken cocktail over a large ice block or ice cubes into a rocks tumbler.



Margarita's are a fun drink to garnish, and this predominantly comes down to rimming the glass with a salt blend. You can use plain or pink Himalayan salt, salt mixed with chilli or to be truly daring, Agave worm salt (which we sell). Empty the salt into a dish, run a slice of lime around the lip of the glass to make it damp, then upend the glass in the salt and spin it round. Finish with a slice of lime on the side of the glass for a Margarita tall glass, or a wedge of lime for Tommy's style.


All products are produced in an environment that handles  nuts, dairy, wheat, gluten, seeds, eggs, soy, sulphites please check each individual product listing for ingredient details or contact us

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