The day to day life of a chocolatier

The day to day life of a chocolatier

I often have to pinch myself as a gentle reminder of how lucky I am to have a business situated within such glorious surroundings, in the heart of the Kentish countryside @brogdalefarm

I was fortunate enough today to visit @countrypracticebrogdale for a massage and bit of ‘me’ time, and they certainly didn’t disappoint!

The practice hides, nestled away just past @thecourtyardbrogdale, @kakawaartisan@vickilordhair @brogdale_collections and a mere stones throw away from @growatbrogdale6 and @madcatbrewery, from the moment you walk through the door, the place just screams, and oozes relaxation!

Greeted by a very happy, bubbly chap ‘Richard’ I was shown to a seat in the waiting area before discussing the treatment I had booked in for.

Following our chat, I was taken to a very calm, and relaxed ‘pod’ style room, ambient lighting and the very welcome cool breeze from fan whirring gently in the background, after getting myself comfortable and prepared for my treatment, Richard returned a few moments later to begin.

Well, what can I say, professionalism at is finest! Richard was more than happy to converse in a very gentle and unobtrusive way, but also allowed me the time to enjoy my treatment with uninterrupted silence.

After months of movements that had started to take a toll on my muscles, the skill, understanding and knowledge Richard possess of his profession left me feeling incredible.

I walked in to @countrypracticebrogdale with muscles very similar to old boot leather, rest assured when I left they could have easily been mistaken for the finest filet mignon.

15 minutes or so into the treatment, after my body and muscles being manipulated in such a way, the only way I can describe it was like butter on hot toast, I completely and immediately melted in to the bed, relaxed, calm and completely at one with myself.
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