Design your own milk or white chocolate slab (100g or 500g)

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Make your own masterpiece!!! Your choice of a 100g or 500g chocolate slab in milk or white chocolate and decorated with a topping of your choice. So how does it work?

1. Choose your slab size (100g or 500g)

2. Choose your chocolate type (Milk or White Chocolate)

3. Choose your toppings (2 per 100g slab and 4 per 500g slab)

4. Sit back and relax while we create your masterpiece for you. Toppings - Please include your topping choices in the message box at checkout.

Any topping that is commercially available can be added to your slab, no matter how weird of wonderful (please avoid choosing any toppings that have a large water content as they will cause the chocolate to spoil) Just pop us a message if you're unsure or would like to check if your topping choices are suitable and obtainable.

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