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Dessert Cafe | Whitstable

Indulge your senses at our dessert lounge! Sip on creamy milkshakes and savour fluffy waffles while gazing at our chocolate kitchen from your seat. Experience a sweet feast for the eyes and taste buds. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Knowledge is power

We aim to be one of the fairest priced artisan chocolate businesses, delivering high quality, top notch product, delivering profound customer satisfaction and phenomenal results, but without charging the earth. 

We use cocoa sourced from responsible and sustainable origins, as we know just how important it is, to not only look after our customers and team, but the people who grow and farm the ingredients to enable us to do what we do best. This being said, I also know that others are quick to pass the buck, before truly thinking about the impact on our environment. Ensuring the cocoa comes from sustainable sources, is one of the many things we do here at Kakawa, to help keep our planet, as well as biodegradable packing peanuts (made from corn starch), correctly sized recyclable boxes and packaging, and, as our products are handmade to order, there is a minuscule amount of food waste that leaves our doors. 

So, in a nutshell, we blow our competitors out of the water in every way possible! 

All whilst achieving what’s best for our customers, their tastebuds, our team and the precious environment!

Ps, incase you were wondering - The word Kakawa originally comes from the South American Olmec civilisation and dates back to roughly 1000 BC. - well before the Aztecs and Mayans. The Olmec were the first civilisation to cultivate cocoa beans and called them Kakawa.

This is why we are, who we are - Kakawa

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Work with us, and lets create something incredible

At the start of 2020 we introduced something new and exciting to the UK market. An indulgent, premium chocolate brand, handmade to order in small batches, using perfected techniques, the highest quality ingredients, with each bar decorated by skilled artisan hands. Creating new and exciting flavour combinations continues to be our passion, whilst remembering where it all started and never compromising on our core values. 

2021 saw the opening of our new production kitchen in Kent, we took our creativity to a whole new level, developing more than 200 unique, and truly scrumptious flavours. We listened to our customers, created new trends, and continue to source the finest ingredients from around the world, to produce a range, that we believe cannot be beaten on taste and quality. 

From the highly skilled team of artisan chocolate makers who produce our innovative and exciting products to our environmental impact, we understand the importance of being transparent. Doing our bit whilst creating something that tastes this good, is the at the heart of what we do.

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Our Inspiration

CEO, Chocolatier, business man and founder of Kakawa by day - socialist, nature lover and foodie by night.

I’m passionate about creating something new, more than just ordinary - most of all, making it taste great and having fun with it!

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