My favourite thing right now.....

My favourite thing right now.....

This has got to be one of my favourite things to make at the moment ‘Chocolate Bark’

Simple, yet utterly devine.

This thin, yet flavoursome sheet of milk chocolate topped in this instance with a decadent array of chocolate fudge brownie, rich and creamy toffee pieces, and finished beautifully with a showering of colourful freeze dried raspberry nibs.

The gentle snap as you take a bite confirms the chocolate was in perfect temper at the time of pouring, followed by this rush of flavour explosion, sharp yet sweet raspberry, beautiful milk chocolate begins to melt in the mouth, in comes hints of creamy toffee with the perfect amount of crunch, complimented by soft and rich almost ‘cakey’ chocolate fudge brownie.

As all flavours come together, you are left with for sure with a palette pleasing moment of sheer pleasure.

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