• Giant Topped Bars

    Perfect for sharing, equally perfect for treating yourself.

    min 37% cocoa content

    25.5cm x 16.5cm - 500g minimum

    from £14.99

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  • Traditional Style Bars

    Perfect for that anytime treat, our signature milk chocolate blended with a range of inclusions

    min 37% cocoa content

    16cm x 7.5cm -100g minimum

    From £3.95

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  • Topped Bars

    Colourful, delcious and topped with a range of tasty toppings

    min 37% cocoa content

    16cm x 7.5cm - 130g minimum

    From £4.95

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  • Mega Bars

    A true party piece, and 100% made for sharing!

    min 37% cocoa content

    26.5cm x 11.5cm x 4.5cm - 1kg minimum

    From £15.00

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  • Fondue & Dipping Sauces

    Think melted, warm chocolate and a seletion of treats pefect for dipping.

    Our dipping sauces are also the perfect addition to ice cream or any sweet treat

    Perfect for 2 to 8 people

    From £18.00

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  • Chocolate Pizza

    Individually boxed in true takeaway style, our chocolate pizzas are the perfect treat!

    Solid and filled bases available

    min 37% cocoa content

    23cm x 23cm - 300g minimum

    From £15.95

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  • Hot Chocolate

    Indulge in one of our luxurious hot chocolates.

    Simply stir into hot milk, water or milk alternative for a truly decadent hot drink

    From £2.50

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  • Mix Boxes

    Perfect for a movie night, Birthday or candy platter

    1kg and avaiable in a range of styles, our mix boxes are sure to excite

    From £12.00

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  • Filled Milk Chocolates & Collaboration Bars

    Flavour combinations are right up our street!

    Silky smooth milk chocolate, encapsulating a delicious range of fillings.

    From £6.95

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At the start of 2020 we introduced something new and exciting to the UK market. An indulgent, premium chocolate brand, handmade to order in small batches, using perfected techniques, the highest quality ingredients, with each bar decorated by skilled artisan hands. Creating new and exciting flavour combinations continues to be our passion, whilst remembering where it all started and never compromising on our core values. 

2021 saw the opening of our new production kitchen in Kent, we took our creativity to a whole new level, developing more than 200 unique, and truly scrumptious flavours. We listened to our customers, created new trends, and continue to source the finest ingredients from around the world, to produce a range, that we believe cannot be beaten on taste and quality. 

From the highly skilled team of artisan chocolate makers who produce our innovative and exciting products to our environmental impact, we understand the importance of being transparent. Doing our bit whilst creating something that tastes this good, is the at the heart of what we do.

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