Sales Representative

Elo, elo - back you say?

That's right, we're back - and we are going to 'own this space, once again'

Join us, as an Independent Sales Representative and earn 15% commission on your sales (check the breakdown for more details)

Hang on, you closed it before?

We did indeed, we recently moved to a new space and introduced a new format with an actual CHOCOLATE STORE - that's right, wake up and smell the CHOCOLATE!!

So, what do you get?

Well beautiful, you get 

- Up to 15% back on the sales you make (NET)
- Exciting online offers
- The chance to be part of the TRADE side of our business
- Lead a team (about 10 days away, we want to get to know you first)
- 121 Contact with the Owner, via Whatsapp (that's right, make sure you add your number when signing up)
- Beautiful, handmade to order, BANGING chocolate 
- Ofc, the chance to represent an award winning company!!
- Lives, they may be daily, they may be weekly, but you will be live with the OWNER a minimum of once a week, could be the drive in, could be getting creative - BUT he is there, and hopefully, SO ARE YOU!!!

About us

Established, 2020 - we sure did, 4 long years ago!

- Work with a multitude of retailers, including a UK pioneer!!! 
- Love what we do, and love our people!!
- Award winning, WE SURE ARE!!
- Open and honest?  - YEEESSSSSSSS

I mean, the list goes on, and On, and ONNNNNNN - join us, you'll see!!!

SOLD? SCROLL A TEEEEEEEEEENY bit more, and join us for 2024's RELAUNCH BAAAAAAAABY!!!!


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