Could Ruby Be The Next Queen?

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Now how do I start this one.......
I know, in the famous words of the Kaiser Chiefs
"Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, Know what you're doing, doing to me? Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby"
A luscious, smooth, and fruity delight 'a true gift from nature'
Traditionally in cocoa bean processing, after the fermentation stage (which removes the outer pulp from the cocoa beans) the beans are put out too dry. 
At this stage, they are a deep red......., wet........, and intensely sour.
However, this is where the magic begins..... cue the line from the 90's cult classic - Death becomes her 'It stops the ageing process dead in its tracks and forces it into retreat. Drink that potion and you'll never grow even one day older'
Well not quite, but the fermentation and drying process is prematurely halted in order to treat these unfermented, unadulterated beans with an acid to form a vibrant red colour.
Sweet, but not sickly like white chocolate with tart, fruity notes.
She makes lots of noise in a crowd, that's for sure.
Ruby reminds me of a good friend, the first thing you notice from a distance is that signature glow of 'red hair', stylish from top to toe, and finished with a pair of everyones favourite killer red bottomed heels.
I'll never forget my first experience with Ruby, that beautiful pink shimmer, almost in a way 'the embarrassed or flushed white chocolate bar'
The perfect pour creates this almost sensual flow, as the pink liquid rises quickly on all sides of the mould..... off she goes, she needs space, time to herself, to develop, set, and form that perfect pink hue, that incredible snap.
She laid there, waiting, patiently to be gently removed from the chamber like mould, out onto the table she fell with perfectly beauty and grace.
I needed to have a taste of this wild card.
In my humble opinion, an aroma that reminds me of the incense stalls when walking through Camden market, with a very similar texture and mouth feel to that of white chocolate, but with that tart 'tang' of berry yoghurt. 
Not a bar I could sit and eat square, after square, but one that could assist you in satisfying your semi-sweet chocolate craving of an evening.
However, Ruby isn't to everyones liking, but don't let that put you off from having just a nibble, a little taste, but be warned she's not afraid to offend anyones tastebuds this one.
I'm currently on the fence.
Until next time
The Kakawa Artisan Chocolatier 

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